Who we are

Enterpreneurs Hand Uganda is a social enterprise registered as company limited by Guarantee holding N0:80020000328295. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to eradicate unemployment and poverty. We work in the Eastern Region of Uganda. We are also seeking to expand to other districts.

As the saying goes ‘charity starts at home’ and this case is no different. The journey started back in 2010 when Basalirwa Nicholas supported Lukalango Foundation(LFaid), a charity organisation dedicated to caring for orphaned children. After some time when financial support became a serious issue for the organisation, I looked at the beautiful children and wondered what will they do if education fails. Also in my area code where I was born and raised, most of my childhood friends never succeeded academically and ended up unemployed and involved in crime. Whenever we met, we talked about poverty, unemployment and how to make it in life with the little available resources. After university, I was job hunting for a long period of time and this was a very challenging time for me.

This raised the following question: If the chances of a graduate gaining employment are slim, what is the plight of those that have not gone to university? It was at this point that I embarked on another journey with Balloon Ventures where I gained invaluable business knowledge and skills. I utilised the available resources and contacts which led to the birth of Enterpreneurs Hand Uganda which aims to help friends, the youth, and needy people in Ugandan communities.

As a social enterprise, we are continuing to grow through networking activities, supporting communities and organisations and partnerships. We use our entrepreneurship knowledge, skills and experiences to train the community about self-employment and job creation in the hope of creating a positive social impact and a better world